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An unsettled Pontius Pilate, Prefect of Judaea, has requested assistance from Rome to investigate a threat to Roman rule in the form of Jesus of Nazareth whose followers increase daily – and refer to him as King of the Jews. General Fabius Lucius Maximus and his close friend, Legion Commander Androcles, by direct assignment from Emperor Tiberius, travel to Judaea disguised as common Jews to investigate Jesus and report their findings. Accompanying them on their journey from Rome to Judaea is a former member of the Jewish Sanhedrin named Ezra. This wise mentor teaches them about Jewish history and tradition to aid them in their understanding of the Jewish people and enhance their disguise. Their journey is filled with unexpected encounters and experiences in which Maximus finds love, in the form of a beautiful Jewish woman who is a disciple of Jesus, and a resolution to his disillusionment with Roman politics and his long internal struggle with the pagan Gods of his homeland.

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This is a powerful novel on a grand scale with some of the great Biblical epics of the past. Sweeping motivations and grueling battles, both emotional and physical, fill its pages.

Meridian Magazine


A fresh viewpoint gives a new perspective to this age-old narrative, that I have not previously seen.  Painstaking research made this well-known story an exceptional Debut novel.

Goodreads Review


I have never read a story like this. This book is definitely one I would recommend to many.

Goodreads Review

A GREAT READ! One you will not be able to put down!

Goodreads Review


“Interesting premise…Richard L. Black…has done his homework about that era and includes rich and detailed descriptions that clearly share the settings.”

Deseret News Review







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